Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Holiday

  • Orientation Sequence of Events Conclusion
  • Paragraphs
  • Past tense
  • Time connectives First Second then next after that Eventually suddenly also while finally

My heart was beating as fast as a racing car. When I woke up  on Saturday I said to myself i am versing my old rugby team” but I was really nervous because I never seen them for a long time. But my game wasn't until 11:30am. So we went to my brother’s game and it was at 9:00am so I had to wait there for a hour an  half. Then it started to rain so I got in my car then 5 minutes later it stopped. Then the game was over and I said” yes soon it is my game”.

Then I wanted to walk up to where I was playing then it started to rain again but it was worst then before so my dad came to pick me up then we went to where I was playing. But when I got there I was the only one there then I when I went on the field I was playing on to try to find some people in my team and there was only one then there was two and 3456 then all of us was there and we all wait for our couch and then he came so we all get ready then we had to break up into the backs and the froward so we had a little practice before the games started .

It was raining hard and we said “is that all you got” then it stop again. Our coach said that team A has to go to the field because we were playing. Then it started to rain again and then we all got craziy and I saw the team that we were playing and it wasn't my old team. it was another team but only one person was in my old team and he was really good. Then the the Referee said” are you ready” and we all said”YES!!!!!!!” then he blow the whistle and the the other team kick the ball and it went flying over our head and then it hit the ground.

And then other team was raining like a racing car to get the ball but we picked it up and that when we all were in the game and we all were tied in like about 10 mins after it started then one person in our team intercept and got the ball from the other team and he scored a try and we got the conversion so the scored was going our team was winning and then it was a tie and we were winning and then it is a tie and then we were winne and at the end they won and we were still happy because we were all happy even we lost and it was a really good game and it didn't matter if we lost our won.

And that is one of my favorite thing I did in the holiday.

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