Wednesday, 15 May 2013

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On Thursday morning, I woke up straight. I ate my breakfast then I took a shower. I asked my mom what time we were leaving the house. She replied nothing to me.  I was so excited to attend that party because my best friends are going to be there and the celebrant happens to be a 3yr old boy ( turning 4) and his name was Ian. We were the first ones to get there. 
Me and Carl (cousin) went to the 2 dollar shop to buy a really cheap present. We also bought 1 dollar balloons and balloon clippers. Everything that we bought was really cheap. I found a balloon pumper that used to be $15 and now it is 3.50 dollars, I thought it was a pretty good deal. We wrapped it with a Mickey Mouse paper bag. We gave him a fishing game and building blocks. 

I also helped his mother with the decorations for the house. The house looked amazing. There were lots of delicious food . And the cake was really good.   There were balloons hanging on the ceiling. I had lots of fun.

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