Thursday, 30 May 2013

Camp 2013

Camp Recount

One day I woke up and I was so excited, it was camp. I got ready and I picked up my bags and we left of to Pier Z, we got the GPS, we put my bags in the back of the car, then we left. We waited for about half an hour then the boat came to the dock and we made a chain to put all the bags inside the boat ( which took about 20 minutes ).  

We left for Motatapu Island and as we were in the boat, we were left waving goodbye to our family. I felt hungry in the boat, so I ate the 2 brownies in my bag. I still felt hungry, so I ate half a sandwich and left the other half for the walk. We finally had reached the island, we had to walk for an hour and a half. I took out my water bottle for the walk and about after half an hour of the walk, I ate the other half of my sandwich and  I was hungry for ages.

Finally we made it to camp. The first thing I did was set my bed. Then we took our bags and we ate chicken noodle soup. Honestly, I think the noodle soup tasted weird, but it tasted OK. We changed, then later there were some activities.

Our first activity was gun walk. It was tiring because, we had to go high up the hill, and then we could explore. After that, we went to the survival challenge and it was fun. I came 1st in the hurdles. The survival challenge was really fun but the gun walk made my shoes wet. We had a shower then it was dinner. Later it was bedtime.

The next day I woke up and we ate breakfast a little later. We did some challenges. The first thing we did was archery. I thought archery was going to be the best but, it wasn't bad but it was OK. Next we did rock climbing. It was so fun. At first when I fell, I had a ground shock, bur then I wasn't scared any more. Then it was morning tea and I ate 2 cookies and 3 orange slices. Then we did raft building. Personally, I don't like getting muddy, so I didn't go in the water. What I didn't like in my team was that they didn't tell me to do something and they did it themselves. Last but not least was the high ropes. The first one and scariest one was the postie walk. It looked so scary, but by the time I got to the top, it wasn't scary at all! It was really high up though!!!!

We went back and had a shower. It was dinner then after dinner we played, "Spotlight!, ". It was so much fun, but I kept bumping into trees. Aliyah, Sarah and me were walking together just in case we got lost. Mr Noble told us a way to get 1 X on our hand and nobody saw us. After the game we got money and we went to bed.

It was the last day of camp :'( !!! We packed up and we cleaned up everything. Our team (the butterfly dragons) and the Jawbreakers were in charge of cleaning the dorms. At least we didn't have to clean the toilets and showers!

We walked back and went back on the boat. When we reached there, my dad was so happy to see me but mum was at work. Well the thing I loved the most was the high ropes and the survival challenge. I went back  home. I was happy to be back!!!!!

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