Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Reha's Holiday

Organisation of sentences
On the first week of holiday, on Wednesday it was my birthday. I turned 10 and I got an ice-cream cake shaped like an angry bird and it was blue. Blue is my favourite colour. I woke up at 9am and my mum and dad gave me a jacket. At 4pm I had a party and it ended at 8pm.

At 12pm me and my mum went to the $2 shop and bought some stuff for my birthday. We bought a silly string spray can, balloons, plastic spoons, some plates and some plastic cups. When we went home, my mum sprayed silly string all over the garage.

My mum gave me silly string and I sprayed silly string all over the garage. My friends came over from my old school and they got me a lot of presents. We played a few games and we ate the cake. We were making a lot of noise and my mum and dad got a bit annoyed and then we had dinner.

Our dinner was fried rice and fizzy drinks. I chose coke like a lot of my friends. Sarah said that she eats fried rice everyday, but she still liked it anyway. She said that the fried rice which my dad makes was better than the one that she eats everyday. While we were eating, we watched a movie called, “Wreck it Ralph”.

I felt happy because I had so much fun and one of my friends was having a sleepover at my house. Her mum and dad said that she couldn’t stay because she didn’t have her clothes etc. but they surprised us, because they had actually brought the stuff with them. Then we played with some of my presents like the lego friends that Diya gave me and the whipple that Michelle gave me.

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