Monday, 13 May 2013

Recount Writing

- Time Connectives
- Past Tense
- Sequence of Events
- Punctuation & Spelling
- Bundles of Facts
- Conclusion and Evaluation
- 5W’s

  • 1st paragraph: 5W’s, what happened
  • 2nd paragraph: after what happened
  • 3rd paragraph: own/overall feedback

Recount Writing: A Day Out with Friends

On Wednesday morning, I went skating with my friend in Paradice Skating in Botany. I was with Hope, Charity, and Silas. It was freezing cold when we entered the rink.
The floor was so slippery like I nearly fell down. I can feel my knees shaking. There was heaps of people there, I also saw one of my classmates there, his name’s Luca. Heaps of people were so good at skating too, one girl did some swirl and one girl did some skating skills. We stayed the whole day on the ice skating rink and we enjoyed it a lot  My friends kept on falling down but luckily I didn't  I just imagined how awkward it is to fall down and the people would just laugh at me. I went round and round onto the rink. My friend Silas tried to do some splits but he failed and we kept on laughing on what he did. When I took my skating shoes off my feet, my socks was so wet it felt like it was soaked on a cold ice water. When I landed my feet onto the floor I couldn't feel anything.

After we went skating we drove going to Varsity Field nearby Stonefields. We watched Silas played rugby, we also saw Samo on the field with Silas playing rugby. I think Silas goaled 3 times on the game. The game was pretty good, they played well. We also went to play master in the netball courts its located down the field. Charity doesn't know how to play master so we taught her how to play. Charity said that it was quite hard but after awhile she said its easy. I scored 2, Charity scored 3 and Hope scored more than us 2 so therefore I am a loser and Hope won.
After we went to watch Silas play rugby we went to Hope’s house to have dinner. We had burger for dinner and it was really nice. After we ate our dinner we played on the tramp and we also played master. We went inside to watch TV after playing outside because it was quite cold outside.

Throughout the whole day, I enjoyed it a lot.  Hope’s mum dropped me off at my house after we watched TV. What I hated about my day is that it was so cold like I was locked in a big freezer. All I can say about it was, “it was worth it.”

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