Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bodhi's writing sample

                                           Out Cold

‘Snap’ the gloves were on and so were the masks.
The spray cans came out so did the hammers.
‘band, smash, bang, bang’ the road block was complete.
Blue, red lights flashing, bright white beams, a siren near,
we started making the road block, bricks, bricks and more bricks.
everyone got out their spray cans, and started more aggressively,
a falling brick. A pain in the head. Blackness. A sound, faint, in the distance,
all in one, the sound came back in one deafening rush, complete with a rancid smell.
road lights turned on, it seemed like nothing had changed,
other than the feeling of something missing, that feeling in the gut.
what was it, sirens still here, roadblock up and ready, gas mask and gloves on,
the spray can no cans that was it, all alone, no help, no group, no chance.

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