Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Twiss's Writing Thingy

I ran from the cover of behind the van just as the gas canister exploded, the only thing keeping me off the ground was my gas mask, I looked behind me as I ran, everyone else was on the floor tears streaming from their eyes.
“Damn police grade tear gas is good” I thought to myself as I vaulted a police car with only one door and no windows . I glanced at a van and thought about taking refuge there but as I started towards it was swamped with tear gas, the two men in cover fell back crying and trying to wipe their eyes.
“Damn” I thought aloud “Rookies,” I changed my tone and shouted across the battlefield
“DON’T RUB IT ONLY MAKES IT WORSE AND IF YOU CAN DON’T BLINK” the men immediately stopped rubbing and started trying to not blink. Since they had stopped squirming I got a better look at them, they looked around fifteen and appeared to be twins, they both had black hair and fair skin, they probably were only out here to impress their mates. I started to run towards the roadblock that we had been defending for the past few hours. It was the only thing keeping the Turkish police out. I skidded to a halt and took cover, it felt amazing to finally be able to sit down and rest. I took a moment to observe the battlefield, the police tear gas had definitely taken it’s toll and about half our forces who hadn't donned their gas masks in time were stumbling about blindly with tears streaming from their eyes. The inside of my gas mask smells like vinegar and I had sweat in my eyes, my heart was beating a million times a minute and my hands were shaking, half from fear and half from the adrenaline in my system. Suddenly hands appeared over the barrier and dragged me back with them. The last thing I remembered was the baton hitting me in the face, then nothing.

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