Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why is it important to know your goals?

Why is it important to know your goals?

Introduction- Identifying Statement
Explanation Sequence
Conclusion- Summary Statement
Text Connectives
Individual Goal (organise related ideas into correct paragraphs and link these paragraphs)

-Why is it important to know your goals?
-What’s my next steps?
-How much I improved on?
-Does knowing your goals makes you a better learner?

A goal is the aim or like it is the thing that you need to learn or achievement. Everyone should know what their goals are. It is important to know your goals because you need to know what level are you at. You also need to know your next steps so that you know what you're going to learn next.

If you don't know your goals you must be lost. Goal setting is also good because you set a goal and at the end of the year you check your goals if you've achieved them. You can also put a deadline on your goals like the end of the term, end of the year or something.
When I took my first probe test my reading age was 9-10 years old but now my reading age is 12-13 years old and my age is 12 so therefore I am at. I improved 2 ½ years in 6 months which is good. In my Maths and Reading I am achieving AT the National Standard for Mathematics but on my Writing I am achieving below the National Standard for Writing. I need to work harder on my Writing so that I will be AT. Our next steps on Reading in our group is inferencing.

We are going to have a Learning Led Conference on Thursday and we have to show our parents on what we have been doing at school, what our next steps are, and what our progressions are like. Our teachers will also talk to our parents for 10 minutes on how we are doing on our learning. We are also going to show our parents our site, what we are learning, how our progressions work and I am also gonna show her the things I know and what I don't know. For the past couple of weeks, we have been working really really hard on our progressions so that it will be ready for the Learning Led Conference.

It is my first time doing Learning Led Conference. I think it is good because your parents can see the teacher and talk about their children on how they're doing. We are also going to show our parents our google site. I think they will ask us lots of questions about our google sites because it sounds new to them. I think knowing your goals can make you a better learner and it is easier to know where you are at.

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