Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Elliot's Writing

I wake up from my sleep by a loud bang. I looked outside my window. Fires were raging across the street. Police sirens were in the distance. I ran outside to see the commotion first hand. When I got outside a Police officer told me to go back inside. I ran back inside and grabbed a gas mask and instead of staying inside, I ran out the back door. When I got outside I ran to the nearest roadblock the police had set up. I was very lucky tout that I didn’t stay outside because just as I got to the roadblock, someone threw a match into my house, and it caught on fire. 5 blocks down the road, I could see more police coming. When they got to me they told me to hop in the back car. The policeman in the back car said to me why are you out here. I replied “A protester threw a match in my house and I had to escape, I ran out the back door and ran to the roadblock, and here I am”. The policeman said to me, “you can stay the night in the police station”. I accepted the offer. The policeman started driving away with me in his car. I was happy to get out of that mess, but I can’t wait to return to my own house.

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