Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Finn's sample writing

I was sprinting as fast as I could. The riot was getting bigger and bigger and the police were trying to gun us down. I looked around as fast as I could to look for something I could hide behind. I ran for the closest tree. I waited for the police to run by. My palms were sweaty and my heart was thumping hoping no one would see me. I heard the screams of the riot and of the people getting hurt. The police was throwing tear gas making people collapse to the ground. I looked behind me to see if there were police but all the police were held up in the riot. I saw another hiding place that looked better and bigger so I sprinted to the rubble I saw and slid to the ground. I looked around to see if there was anyone nearby but all I found was a gas mask. The mask was big and had clips a big glass frame so you can see out of it. I quickly slipped on the mask and clipped it in so it was tight and secure on my head. In the mask I felt like I was going to suffocate, it was very hard to breath. I was looking around and could see the riot was definitely not winning this battle. My head was boiling and my hands were shaking as I waited for the police to come. I looked behind again looking backwards and forwards watching my friends dropping to the ground. The police was pushing forwards and I had to keep running. I got back up and started sprinting but this time someone spotted me. I heard the cries of “I see him” all around me. I felt the adrenalin rush come back through my body as I weaved through trees and bushes. I could hear the police thud behind me and cry out to each other. I leaped into a tree but I could see that they had dogs after me. They were all closing in on him from all direction but they still could not see me. I heard a voice from behind me “pssssss psss”, I turned around to see a man in his twenties about 5 metres behind trying to grab my attention. “rub mud on you this sometimes helps.” The man whispered. I quickly dive into the mud and pick up mud and smash it into my body. I was soon covered in cold mud with no skin showing. But the dogs could still sniff the stench of my body. They got closer and closer to me still curious where I was. One of the dogs started barking at the guy behind me covered in mud. The police closed into me wondering what the dog was barking at. One of the police said “I see him.” The police ran towards the man a couple of metres away and started smacking him a few times. The man's eye started to swell up and his lip started bleeding and he was nearly out cold. The police stopped and handcuffed him so he couldn't do anything. I heard a car about 40 metres away from me pull up with two more cops. The police dragged the man across the dirt and chucked him into the car. I quickly got out of the bush and started crouch running away from the police. Once I was far enough I started sprinting away hoping to find a clearing. I saw some light from the streets and that was my way out. I sprinted towards the road away from the riots so I could get away. I slid down the hill onto the side of the motorway and then started jogging. A huge adrenaline rush went over me as I realised I was free.

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