Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why is it important to know your goals

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Why is it important to know your goals?

Why do you need to know your goals? This is a thing that you need to think about where you are AT. Do you set goals that you are setting yourself? What are your aspirations that you look towards coming true? Do you set goals for yourself?

We need to know our goals because so you know your next steps are and use all the learner qualities to help you get through it. I think the learning prosesses is the key to learning because it helps you how you get through it and if you are stuck it can really help you get through.I was below in reading and writing but since I used the learning prosesss and the 7 learner qualities now I am AT. The sites tells you were you are at in  your learning and you have evidence so it will show you that you can really do it. I think it is really helpful because you know what to work on next. If you don’t know your goals what would you do next? How would you know what to do?

on the first test I did at stonefields school I was at but the next step I was below in my reading age, so  I had to work  harder everyday to reach my goal which is to become AT in my reading age. I used the learner qualities and used the learning prosses which is building knowledge, making meaning and apply my understanding.

On Thursday I will be showing my parents my site and concept learning so they can help me at home if I am stuck since they know what I am working on. You can improve on how you set the goals and have a timelimit so you can push yourself to go forward.

You need to know your goals because you would not know anything and you would not learn, and you won’t improve.


  1. We like your writing. Your answer is straight to the question. I think you achieved your SC. Good job!


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