Thursday, 4 July 2013

Our goals

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  • Summary (conclusion)
  • Recrafting
  • individual goal -

What is a goal?
Why do we need goals?
How do goals help us?

What do's goals mean?
A goal is something that you are working on. For example my `goal at school for maths is “I can use multiplication and division facts that I know to find a fraction of a set “ and I know that I need to achieve this goal.

Why do we need goals?
We need goals to help us to know where we are and what is our next step.For example I have many goals for writing at school and at home.
We need to have goals,because is good for us to know our next step.

How do goals help us?
Goals help us to know what is our next step and to remind us that we have something new to do.For example I have site where are my goals ( highlighted with yellow ) and the things that I know with green.

We need to have goals to help us in our work,because is going to be more easy.   


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