Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Writing Sample #1

Destination Kabul Afghanistan. I am protester I am trying to get through a barrier blocking me from freedom. I have blood down my face, while sweat and tears continue falling down my face. I don’t know where I am but I know that I was close to being free from terror.

Then suddenly out of the blue toxic gas is dropped from the Afghan forces in the middle east. I rush for my gas mask located in the house next to me, with a heart pumping 100m I decide to jump into the glass CRACK! .

Then I discovered that a mortar shell was heading right for me. I ran my fastest and after the explosion I found myself in a pile of rubble. I felt so down in the dumps and so worried because all my family had been killed by the taliban, and I thought they would come a try to kill me.

After that happened there was another gas attack, luckily I still had my gas mask on. My face was so hot and sweaty that I thought It was 50 centigrade in there. I ran into cover once again this time I wasn’t it didn’t benefit at all.

The building’s had gaping holes straight through them. Gas was slowly creeping through the walls and I started coughing. I was intoxicated COUGH! Then I remembered the shelter under the rubble I ran over there and ducked under cover. AHAHAHAHA. I took my gas mask off. I could breath.

Then is the distance a group of taliban soldiers charged towards me CHARGE!, I hear the noise of a gun, I fell on the floor and then silence.

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