Monday, 30 May 2011

The 'Wonderful Readers' look at Inferencing

Today everyone in the hub learned about Inferencing when we read.

The Wonderful Reading group - that's us, Courtney, Ruby, Meg, Damien P and Albert worked together with Miss Holland.

We worked together to find out the right meanings. To start with, we didn't really know what inferencing meant, so we used dictionaries and the internet to find out what it meant. Some of the meanings were confusing so we talked about what it could mean and helped each other.

Today we were in Building Knowledge - We Found out, Brought what we know, Brainstormed, Guessed and...

We were in Making Meaning - We Organized and Knitted together.

Tearno and I have decided that the next thing we will do is Apply Understandings. We need to collaborate and work as a team to have the same understanding. We will decide on one meaning together.

Here's some of what we think and know (we made it in Popplet):

We hope you liked our post and catch you later!
From Hossain and Tearno (from the Wonderful Readers)


  1. evelyn legallais30 May 2011 at 19:45

    well done learning hub 3 all ways good to see you all learning some new every day : )

  2. Hi Evelyn, Thanks for reading our blog and for your supportive comment! There's some great learning happening in LH3 isn't there - Tearno and Hossain did a fabulous job recognising what their reading group learned about today, and even posted on their behalf :) Very proud!

  3. Fantastic Popplet. There is lots of work in here, a great effor. Popplettign makes mind mapping and collecting much more fun!


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