Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Blog Bus Stop: Week 3, Term 2

Hi LH3 (and visitors!)

Keep an eye on our blog for Blog Bus Stops - these are activities we'd like you all to have a go at (before school or home learning times would be ideal.)  Sometimes these will be designed to get you more familiar with certain websites and eLearning tools, other times to share your ideas and opinions and sometimes they'll just be good fun!  Visitors, of course you're welcome to take part too!

So here goes, enjoy your first Bus Stop activity...

(Can anyone work out why it's called a 'bus stop'??)

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  1. I think it's because the bus stops to ask you a question while it's going along the blog. Toot, Toot!

  2. i think its because your on the bus or train of learning

  3. I think it's called a bus stop because you might be at the bus stop and then the bus comes and then It asked you a question. Then you have to stop and think! the answer.

  4. Toot, toot - you three are onto it!!

  5. Hi students and teachers in Learning Hub 3. The way you are describing your school makes me think you are learning in as exciting environment. I know that people learn better when they are having fun so you must be learning lots. - Mrs Lehrke

  6. Because you have to stop and do each one at a time just like a bus it has to stop at every bus stop to pick up people couse they have to stop at each one and also because you get asked qeustions that you have to answer.


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