Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Check out Storybird - Digital Story Books

Tonight I came across Storybird whilst looking for exciting new web 2.0 tools to use with you all (this one's not especially new but new to me.)

There are two ways to make a book using this website - either you can make a book by yourself or team up with someone else and take turns at completing a page or two and then entrusting the next section to your buddy.  What a fun way to collaborate and knit two different view points into one!  You use the artwork on the site and can either sort by artist (check out Paul McDougall in the search function and then choose 'shop' - gorgeous work!) or by theme.

Once you're finished you can keep a digital copy... we can even make a hub or school library online for others to read!

Here's one made by someone else - I love the message that sometimes, even though people can't be with us, in a sense they are.

What do you think?  I'd love to see some of you have a go at home learning time!  You can sign up using your new school emails and decide to buddy up or not - if you make a book you're proud of, let's link it in comments.

Distance. on Storybird

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