Monday, 30 May 2011

Swimming Lesson Wrap Up

Swimming lessons for our year 5 and 6 students have wrapped up now but what fun these leaders had!

Take a look at the last of our photos...

Swimmers - it's time to reflect.  Why don't we have another go at using the thinking hats to structure our reflection?  Please use the yellow hat (positives), black hat (negatives) and red hat (emotions and feelings) to share with us your experience.  What do you think about the hats now that you've had a chance to think about them - do they help structure your reflection or do you find them confusing? 


  1. It was really fun I wish we kept on swimming.

  2. When we did our first lesson, we did freestyle and backstroke. I had experiences of swimming so i found it easy at first but then it got harder for me and craig because we had to do harder things than the other people in the group. the week after we started doing breath stroke and butterfly. It was really fun because the swimming teachers were really cool and we got to do dives at the end of the lesson if we were good.

  3. Swimming was fun but I also improve my freestyle, backstroke,dolphin wriggle and I got faster to! and on the last lesson we played stuck in the mud in the water.

  4. Hi LH3!
    We are room 6 at Westport North School - our teacher left you a message earlier this morning!
    We looked at the thinking hats last week on 'Thinking Thursday' and disussed about the Wellywood sign planned for Wellington we used all the hats and came up with some interesting ideas. We think your swimming sounds awesome, we have lessons planned later in the year at the new (ish) Solid Energy Centre in Westport.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
    Bye for now.
    Room 6 Westport North School
    If you want to follow us on twitter search rm6wns

  5. Hi Room 6! How awesome to hear from you. I know your teacher and I know you're all very lucky to have her, but you already know that.
    Do you do 'Thinking Thursday' every week? I like the idea of that! We use the thinking hats to help structure our ideas too. It could be really neat to do a collaborative one, do you think?
    Thanks for stopping by! We don't have a twitter account as a hub but I do so I'll definitely follow you.
    Have a great weekend! Miss Holland


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