Tuesday, 24 May 2011

We are Guardians!

This term we're going to be learning about ecosystems!  We've already shared our prior knowledge (we call this bringing what I know, which is at the building knowledge stage of the Inquiry rocks) and now we're about to hit our new learning.

Today in LH3 the learners each selected a word from the list of content specific vocab to explore.  Each student is becoming a Word Guardian (to a few words) and are responsible for becoming the experts of their words, providing us with a student-friendly definition and preparing any posters, images or short video clips that we might need to develop our understanding (which we'll share when we come across those words in our learning).  When each of us clearly understands a few challenging words, we can teach each other and understand them all!

The students were presented with a list of words to choose from and they selected their first word to investigate using dictionaries, the internet and the science books in the library (we have a huge collection right now to read.)  It was our first go at using Google Docs today and many had a go at logging in without any problems.  As we progress, the definitions will be updated and loaded to our blog!

(Click the image above to see how we're getting on with our definitions)

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