Monday, 23 May 2011

How successful are your Googles?

Have you ever done an internet search and struggled to find exactly what you're looking for?

Have an idea what you need, but can't quite think of the ideal search keywords?

It can be hard to find the exact information you're looking for online sometimes, but luckily Google have made searching easier for us.

By using the 'options' bar on the left hand side, you're able to filter out results you do or don't want showing.  For example, if you're searching for a current news story, you'd probably want to choose 'recent results' rather than leaving it as you found it.  You won't be interested in results from years ago as they won't be relevant for you.

Have you tried the Wonderwheel?  This can be a great way to find related topics you hadn't specifically considered.

Are you feeling more confident about searching?  Why not put your skills to the test and try A Google A Day - this site gives a new (and challenging) question to answer each day - you'll certainly need to have sharp 'googling' skills to succeed.  Good luck!

Do you have any handy hints to share?  Please add them to our comments!

(Thanks to Mr C for bringing my attention to a Google a Day and Mrs Beasley for the other Google info and screenprints!)


  1. Hello,

    I am a teacher in a Sydney school and you visited our blog The Menagerie.

    What fantastic ideas for help searching.

    What also might help, is Wikipedia. I know that it is not a recommended source for your reports but it can give you background information and ideas for searching further. Also it has a fantastic option to translate its page into "simple english" which makes those hard to read pages readable by students. All you have to do is click down the left under the languages section and find "simple english". Give it a go!

    We will add you to our blog roll.

    Miss York
    The Menagerie

  2. WOW, did not know that before! That's really useful Information to know when you searching something! And also I might try doing that Google a day thing, but I will make sure that I get better at googleing first!

  3. Hi Miss York.
    It's awesome that we are getting people from overseas looking at our blog. Some of us have read yours and we think that it is amazing and definitely worth reading. We hope that our blog will be as cool as yours as we keep working on it.
    Wow we never knew that you could do that in wikipedia. After lunch we will tell everyone in the hub (class). Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


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