Monday, 23 May 2011

Trying to get shade for our school...

The year 7 and 8 students have been given a very exciting challenge! Stonefields needs shade over our playground area to protect our amazing students from the sun.  The only problem?  Shade isn't cheap!  The seniors of the school have been investigating how we might get some funding to help pay for the shade.  We were told that McDonalds might like to help out, so we've been doing some investigating.

First we phoned directory to get the number for the new McDonalds up the road (after writing a script, talking about different possibilities and roll playing the call):

... but they couldn't help!  So we tried phoning head office (after we found the phone number through 'google'):

Success!  So we phoned the owners of McDonalds but they're out of the country right now.  We got the email address of another person and will send them an email.

Stay tuned....

Finn, Nathan and Fatima


  1. That's good that the seniors of the school are investigating to get shade for the school! Keep investigating Guys!

  2. Hi guys
    Great problem solving when you didn't get the phone number and a good idea phoning the main office and getting the phone of McDonalds.

  3. What a great process you're going through, using great communication skills and solving problems along the way! I hope McDonalds come on board to help with the shade, looking forward to reading an update.


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