Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What makes a 'perfect' school for you?

Hi everyone!

I stumbled across this article on a UK news website last night (ins't the internet great at helping us connect with the world!)  It's interesting to note the similarities and differences in what we'd like from our school.

Click to read the full article...

Where do you see similarities in what we have and what they want?  We're very lucky to have some comparable features!

What, in your wildest dreams, do you wish we had?


  1. Everything makes a good school to me because there are caring friends and lots of good teachers.

  2. we have lots of bean bags and computers but I wish we had a tree hut that would be awsome

  3. p.s I spelt awesome wrong

  4. swimming pool, bigger playground for year5,6,7,8,5,more apple computers, more big bean bags,no uniform, more books and justern beber


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