Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Skinny vs. Fat Sentences??

Which do you think is best?

Skinny sentences are simple, straight-forward and quite boring!  Fat ones have much more detail and description... I know what I'd rather read.

Take a look at 3/4G's Blog and have a go at turning their skinny sentence into a fat one by adding adjectives - good luck.

"The boy opened the door."

If you post on their blog, copy the sentence into the comments here too please so we can check out your learning.  Rather have a go at 'showing, not telling'?  Go for it!


  1. Here is my fat sentence.
    I also posted this on the other blog.

    The boy released the door open, to find himself surprised by what stole his eye!

    by Fatima

  2. The short, crazy boy flung his hand from the handle and gasped in shock at what he saw.

  3. Skinny = The boy opened the door.

    Fat = The shy boy opened the door quietly.

  4. The boy released his hand on the door as he gasped of which caught his eye.

    By Courtney

  5. Well done everyone! Your fat sentences are so much more interesting to read - don't forget to post them on our buddy blog also to share your ideas.


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