Thursday, 26 May 2011

How does having fun help your learning?

Does reward mean more to you than punishment?  It does to these people...


  1. Awesome maybe some more adjectives next time I like your idea though good stuff guys.

  2. Thanks for sharing these videos, our class really enjoyed watching them. We had some great discussion - particularly after the speed camera one :-)

  3. Hi my name is Hayze and I am yr 8 student at melville intermediate school hamilton,waikato
    and mackenzie and I would love to teach you things on maori language week like how to make a poi and teach you fun games!!!!!!

    Hayze was here 2011

  4. Hi Hayze - We think you're both fabulous! LH3 talked today and are really excited at the idea of being taught by such experts. Thank you for being so willing!

  5. PS - I made a special blog entry here - so we can all keep in touch. From Miss Holland


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