Sunday, 29 May 2011

Blog Bus Stop: Week 5, Term 2 - Mind Mapping

This week, I'd like you to add anything you think is relevant to our Ecosystem Popplet (a neat mind mapping tool).  This might be an idea or thought you think you know about ecosystems, something you've found out recently or a link to a relevant picture etc.

Go for it!

Click here to go through to make additions.

(I've sent you all requests to join which will allow you to log in and add your ideas.  Simply click one of the little circles that appears on the edges of each popple to add the popple off to the side.)

... and while you're thinking about ecosystems, have a look at this video made by Junior G (Year 1 and 2 students in Melbourne, Australia) - they are beginning to understand hte interconnectedness of ecosystems.  This might help you to add to our Popplet.  (Be sure to pop through to their site and give them feedback on this video and their other minibeast learning - hard to believe they're a junior class!!)


  1. We are very excited that you are using our video. We are learning so much about how mini beasts keep the environment healthy for everyone and everything. We are very interested to find out more about what you are learning too.
    You can follow us on twitter @juniorsjig also. Are you on twitter?
    Mrs Verona Gridley and junior G

  2. Hi there Stonefields School in Auckland
    My name is Mackenzie from Room 8 at Melville Intermediate school in Hamilton
    Hayze and Me would love to work with you about Maori Launguage week later on we might be doing a maori hand game
    Hope to talk to you soon

  3. Wow Mackenzie, what an amazing offer! I showed the hub your message today and they were really excited about the idea of getting together with you both to learn some Maori games and words. We can't wait! From Miss Holland (on behalf of LH3)

  4. PS - I made a special blog entry here - so we can all keep in touch. From Miss Holland


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