Thursday, 26 May 2011

Life in Zimbabwe by Vincent

About life in Zimbabwe. The people in Zimbabwe eyes like a dogs. In Zimbabwe they have computers, watching TV, radios and DVD. The dogs in Zimbabwe they eat vegetables, meat, chew bones and flies. Some dogs are live in the rocks and eat ducks when people are sleeping.

In Zimbabwe we can save monkeys. For fun in Zimbabwe we can use computers but sum people they have no computers. My school in Zimbabwe is Shiriyedenga Primary School. Now I live in New-Zealand.


  1. cool vencent

  2. Really good writing the image of Zimbabwe Vincent
    I really liked the description

  3. That's a good piece of writing about Vincent very descriptive it told me a lot about of Zimbabwe

  4. That was really good Vincent. I found it very discriptive and it told me alot about Zimbabwe.

    What kind of stuff do you eat in Zimbabwe?

    Do you like living in new-zealand?

  5. Well done Vincent, we are very lucky to have you in Learning Hub 3 and in New Zealand!

  6. Vincent that is a good piece of writing.It is discriptive and it tells me alot about were you are from.I hope that you enjoy beging here in hub 3 and in New Zealand.


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