Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Where are we on the ladder so far?

I've recently started following Twitter and am finding it to be a great way to learn about ideas in teaching and learning.  A tweet came up that led me to Silvia Tolisano's blog where she talks about blogging.

In particular I was drawn to this image:

Which rung of the ladder do you think our blog is sitting on right now?
  1. Static website
  2. Two way communication
  3. Local learning community
  4. Global communication centre 
Have a go at posting a comment and please be sure to say why you came to that decision.  (Notice how the arrows marry up to the rungs to give you more info - have a chat to someone at home if you need a hand.)

Also, where do you think we want to aim for ideally?  Why?


  1. I think two way communication is what we are doing because we are looking at other peoples blogs and we can do our own as well.

  2. Good on you, Craig for having a think - this isn't an easy one to answer. Have another look and see if you still feel the same way... 2 way websites have entries (blogs) made by the teacher and the students only leave comments... I wonder if you guys have been taking it further than that? I've certainly been impressed by your motivation and determination to push yourselves. Do you still feel it's 2 way?


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