Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wet Park Scene by Damien H

I learned to set a scene based on the words "cold, wet, park bench." I learned what personification is and what a metaphor is.  A metaphor shows two things that are not the same but are similar in one important way and says it is something else.  eg. Ben is a monkey.  Personification is giving something that is not living a human trait.  eg. The stars winked at me.

Can you spot these in my setting paragraph?

"I shivered as the water torpedoes bombed the park making slippery wet puddles.  As I looked up at the black sky with white winking dot, I noticed the creak of the old swings that were desperate for oil.  The trees rustled as they were pummeled by explosive, clear droplets.  Their branches reached for the sky as they shivered in the wind."

By Damien H.

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