Monday, 16 May 2011

Obelix - Weird Science Goop!

On Friday, Learning Hub 3 had their very own assembly. We sang a song that Hub 3 created with a little bit of help from Miss Smerdon. We did lots of awesome stuff like teaching how to make music with graphic notation and being mad scientists. You know what, it was really funny because we chose people to be to be a body and then we chose other people to be the arms. The body people put their arms behind their backs while the people who were the arms slipped their hands through and pretended to be the same person. The arms did all sorts of wacky things like feeding the body sandwiches and shapes and answered science questions. We were really proud of our assembly because we did almost everything by ourselves.

In the second block, we went outside and made obelix with Miss Holland. Obelix is a type of goop, made with cornflour, water and just to make it more fun, some food colouring (see how to make it here, it's pretty easy... We mixed it together in our groups of 4 to 6 (which is called collaborating!) and had lots of fun and got messy!

The goop felt weird. It felt hard when you started to roll it around but when you stopped moving it, it fell through your fingers like slime. Very creepy! When we went to pick it up the slime parted almost like runny plastic might and when we punched it the slime was quite hard and you didn't get much on your fingers. It was like punching a tree trunk but a bit gooier.

Afterwards we talked about how things can be in different states. They're either solid, liquid or gas. This goop was strange because it was liquid and solid at the same time! Now we're going to find out why it does what it does because we haven't seen anything like this before.

By Dani and Maddy

(You should try this at home!)

Be sure to watch right through to the end to see our video recordings of the goop in action!


  1. How interesting guys - what states of matter was the goop? Miss H

  2. It was a great experiment... it didn't even feel like an experiment because it was so fun!

  3. I really like the Imovie because it shows the experiment and talks us through about what was happening.

  4. Science can be lots of fun, Fatima! You'll love science fair if you enjoyed this experiment - did you do it at your last school?

  5. It was so much fun making obelix my group had green. Ben made a ball of obelix and rolled it so much when he through it on the ground it bounced back!

  6. The states of matter are liquid, solid and gas.But for the goop It's a tricky one because what I noticed about the goop is that it was liquid and solid at the same time!

  7. That was so much fun. That was a great explanation. Have you guys tried it at home?

  8. It was fun to learn outside the hub


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