Saturday, 21 May 2011

Blog Bus Stop: Week 4, Term 2 

How multicultural are we?

Choose either one or two places that you most closely associate with... this might be the place you were born, the place you've lived for the longest, where your grandparents are from, the country from which the language you speak originates... you decide.

Choose one place marker (use the same one for your one or two entries), write your first name for the title and justify your choice - remember to keep any personal details quite general (don't forget, cyber safety).  Please don't be any more specific than a suburb.

We'll have an ELO for those of you who would like a lesson on using ScribbleMaps.

We'll be adding to the map later on, so please keep your choices this time to places that have to do with where you've lived, where you were born or nationalities.  It will be fun to see where we're all from!

Visitors - feel free to join in!

Watch a quick tutorial I put together here, to show two different ways you can find your area of interest and mark it if you need a hand and just can't wait for the ELO (I used Jing to record my screen - very handy!)

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Visit: and see the results below (when you finish, click menu and save, the password is 'learninghub3')


  1. Dear Miss H.,

    Next year, my students and I are going to Skype around the world for a geography project. Would you be interested in joining us on our trip?
    Ms. Engelhard

  2. Hi Ms Engelhard, I'm sure we'd love to be involved! It would be interesting to know more about your part of the world and be able to share with you about the country we love. I've emailed you - enjoy your summer break, we're just getting into winter here now. PS - if you have a chance it would be neat if you'd like to place your town on our map :)


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