Tuesday, 17 May 2011

KnowledgeNET Learning Journals vs. Blogging

I think that our blog is very helpful because you get other people from all around the world to view and comment on your learning and get other opinions to help you improve your learning.

Personally I think that our blog is a bit more useful because you get to put all kinds of work on the blog and you can get more comments so you can improve on your work, but I think that knowledge net is still very useful as well.

Knowledge net is where you can reflect and it is quite personal, but with blogs you can put up your best work and be proud and show your best work to the world. I am in the making meaning stage doing compare and contrast between knowledge net and our blog. I am really motivated by the blog because everyone can view your work and you feel very proud.

When do you think we'd use each, LH3?


  1. Hi,
    I like both, and you have set some good points about both of them...but I will have to agree with you. Even though knowledge net is private and you get lots of helpful comments from your peers and teachers, but blogging is fun and it keeps us motivated. We look forward to getting some comments from other people all over the world!!

  2. Hi everyone - check out this website, it shares 10 ideas about why blogging is a positive thing in schools. Do you agree? Why/why not? http://www.creativeeducation.co.uk/blog/index.php/2010/12/10-reasons-you-should-get-your-class-blogging/

  3. Isn't it exciting, Fatima! Being part of a community, we need to be sure to give back too though, so be sure to give feedback to the learners of the blogs we follow (and you're welcome to find new blogs for us to read) and invite them over to us. I'm looking forward to seeing how our learning is similar and different to other countries around the world!

  4. Hi, i like both because knowledge net is more personal and you can be honest. Blogger is cool as well because you can get other peoples feedback and they also get to view it

  5. Hi,Miss Holland, I'd be quite interested in learning to make my own blog to display my science project for example. It would help to broaden our e-learning by showing us examples of different ways to display information and invite people to have a look. You can get feedback from people around the world and have different opinions. That is why I think that we should learn to make a blog.


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