Friday, 30 September 2011

Olly (the ragdoll cat) and Sid (the bearded dragon) spend some time with us

Today Olly the ragdoll came to visit us.  Some of our fabulous learners have been filming an ad to promote Paw Justice, which will be included in our hub movie and they requested that he make an appearance for filming.  Olly was very well behaved and enjoyed snuggles from most of the hub!  Keep an eye out for the Paw Justice video that's coming up to check out Olly in action.

Also, after school Damien, Jamie, Ben and Pauline (Jamie and Ben's Mum) stayed behind to get to know Sid a little better.  One minute Sid was sitting quietly on Damien's shoulder and the next he'd climbed onto the top of his head!  Take a look at Damien with a very friendly lizard in his hair!!

(As always, click the pictures to enlarge)


  1. wasn't olly great he's gonna be the new garfields he is a star with the ad and bein around all those people he was great today.

  2. You're right Finn! You were all so lovely with him - it made me feel very proud of you all seeing how much care you showed him :)


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