Sunday, 11 September 2011

Student Blogging Challenge: Week 1

Hi everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend.

As you know, the Student Blogging Challenge has begun!  The first activities are all about you - click here for more details...

The first thing we need to do is to make sure that our 'Meet Us' section is updated - if you haven't completed this yet, catch up with me throughout the week and we'll get it done.

We've also been asked to each comment on their blog answering the following questions:

Why did you join the blogging challenge?
What do you hope some of the activities include?
and What do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of ten weeks?

... there's also a great suggestion list if you'd like to mix up your avatar - why not have a go at designing another so you can swap between two?

Be sure to check out the Student Blogging Challenge blog to see the rest of the activities (such as, visiting other blogs to comment and making a tutorial video.)

Leave us a comment here so we can all see who's involving themselves.  This is an exciting opportunity to get to know other students all around the world, build friendships and increase traffic to our own blog... go large guys and have fun!!

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