Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Student Blogging Challenge - the count down has begun...

Hi LH3,

The Student Blogging Challenge isn't far away as some of you know and will be a great way to improve our own blogging skills and communicate with other students from all over the world - how exciting!  Each week a new challenge will be put to us (starting this Monday the 12th) and we've even been lucky enough to hear directly from the organiser, Miss Wyatt, on our 'Meet us' page.

We've been buddied up with two classes - one from America (Ms. Black's fifth grade class) and another from Canada (Mr Carson's seventh and eighth grade class) and we'll be getting to know them better as they start back at school and get into their blogs (I wonder - why do you think they're only just starting school now?!)

There are heaps of other amazing blogs that we've been given links to though, so if you'd like to have a read of some others, visit this site and feel free to have a look around.  If you particularly enjoy some of those blogs, please include their URL (website address) as a comment on this post and I'll put them on our blog roll (the list of blogs we love reading.)

Keep an eye out for more details on the challenge!  Who's excited??


  1. Hi LH3,
    I am very excited for the challenge.
    How did you find that site of blogs. My favourite blog is your because I like the video of the talking dog

  2. Hey!! do you have any idea what schools we could blog on ? because we do lots of blog commenting and we want some new places to blog on from another country because it would be interesting to do another blog!

  3. Hi Maddy and Finn here we are really looking forward to the beginning of the student blogging challenge. We have left a comment on each of our buddy blogs and hope they'll be visiting us soon! Yay!

  4. Hi Muatau and Lawson - thanks for following our blog, it's always so exciting to see your comments on here! We've been pretty busy but are looking forward to having more time to read your awesome blog more frequently. Muatau, I found the list of blogs through the Student Blogging Challenge but you guys can get the list here: - all of the classes are listed by year level so you can pick the ones that interest you the most :)

  5. Thank-you for visiting our class blog and sharing your comment with us.

    I must say I like how you compared our two classes by stating we are not like our neighbour countries. Canadians are often grouped with the country below us, the United States. We share similar cultures, but we are very proud of what makes us Canadian. We are polite and accepting of each other differences, and our country has many different cultures.

    Looking forward to learning more about your country through the blogging challenge.


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