Sunday, 25 September 2011

Meet the newest member of LH3 - Sid the Bearded Dragon

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!

We jumped in the car and drove all the way to Rotorua to pick up a very special little guy...

Sid has been settling in well at my house.  You wouldn't believe it, but his main tank was even bigger than we'd imagined and we have to make another trip back to Rotorua to pick it up!  For now Sid's living in his holiday vivarium (that's what a lizard enclosure is called - I've been doing so much interesting learning already around 'beardies') but we'll sort our his big viv next weekend.

He can't wait to meet you all!

...and look at what I found (posted by someone else) - gorgeous!


  1. Wow we really got the bearded dragon that's awesome. So today on monday will he be there in the class or will he be at your place until we get the big tank? They video was cute to the cat sleeping on sid.

  2. Hey LH3,

    It must of been really exciting when you got Sid.
    I was really laughing in the video with the cat and a beardie.

    From Michelle at Stonefields school

  3. We love your new pet Hub three, what a cool teacher you have! Lucia and I loved the video of the cat and the bearded dragon too. Maybe your cats will grow to love him too Miss Holland.
    Love Mrs Calvert, Lucia, Sam, Jake and Matthew.

  4. Thanks Michelle, it was nice to have you come visit Sid this afternoon! He's certainly not going to be a lonely lizard is he! Mrs Calvert, I know Sid can't wait to have a cuddle with you ;) haha, my cats would love him alright!! Thanks Lucia, Sam, Jake and Matthew for visiting our blog. Lucia, I know you're starting school soon, I hope you'll have a great time (school is awesome!)


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