Monday, 26 September 2011

Something's in the hub

Can you figure out whats in our hub?  It's small and spikey!

Its Sid! (Sydney)

Name: Sydney the Dragon (Siddy!)

Gender: Male

Age: Two

Colour: Sandy Brown and Yellow

characteristics: friendly, cuddly, cute, lazy

He's OUR FIRST CLASS PET !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he's come all the way from Rotorua.  He's 2 years old and very friendly and hug-able ish (says Maddy) I say hes just hug-able  :)

By Damien H. and Maddy

(PS: Today Damien mentioned Sid is like a dinosaur which is very true!  Have a look at this fun video I found...)


  1. What a great fact file about Sid, I'd never thought that bearded dragons would be cuddly! Cool video too, I'll have to show my 3 year old son - he'll love it! What is Sid eating here? I noticed you used tweezers, why is that?

  2. Hi guys. I am so pleased you like your new Lizard, Syd. Miss Holland thinks he will be enjoyed by you all. From Mrs Hay, Miss Hollnd's Mum

  3. Wow LH3 this is very good! It must be fun having Sid around. Is Sid a bearded dragon or a lizard?


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