Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Dani, Maddy, Craig and Alex are famous!! Check them out in the newspaper...

Hi everyone - how exciting is this?!  Our cupcake brigade are in the local newspaper for their fabulous effort in making and selling cupcakes a few weeks ago.  They'll fill you in with more information shortly but I couldn't resist sharing this with you all while we wait.

A special thanks goes to Paton too - Paton wasn't officially involved in the cupcake selling but very kindly baked and donated a whole bunch of yummy cupcakes, helping to make a difference to the SPCA!  Thanks heaps, Paton!

Hi everyone, Alex and Maddy here! We were really exited when Miss H told us we where going to be the newspaper.  Above is the photo of us in the newspaper.  We were in the newspaper because of our good cause (we did cupcake day for the S.P.C.A.  If you were not following the the blog posts we have done so far... you were following weren't you?  Because if you weren't following this is probably your first time on the blog so welcome to our lovely blog, anyway lets get back onto the subject!!) Then we sent an email to Amy from the newspaper and told her what we did for the S.P.C.A and today we discovered ourselves in the Eastern Bays Courier and now we're here.

Thanks for reading!  Bye bye

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  1. it was super fun selling the cupcakes!
    I enjoyed it very much!
    I can not belive how much we raised for the S.P.C.A!
    It's awesome!


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