Monday, 26 September 2011

We love Sid, our Dragon!

Hi everyone, it's Courtney!

Today I came to school and there was a big surprise on the bench, but don't worry, it was a good one!  As you know, Sid came to join us today and we're really excited and happy he's here.

I came back after school because I wanted to drop off some more food for him.  Edwin and I Built Our Learning Capacity around feeding bearded dragons and found out that we could feed Sid the grapes, apples and carrots that I got him.  We cut them up into little pieces and he chowed down!

I enjoyed taking him outside in the sun and he seemed to enjoy getting outside.  He was very alert and interested in what was happening outside.

Here are some photos of me with Sid.  If you're in the hub, you're welcome to come and meet him too.

Courtney and Sid on PhotoPeach


  1. Sid is so cool and such a great new member of Hub 3. Courtney has already learnt so much about bearded dragons and its only day 1. We hope Hub 3 all enjoy Sid and thanks Miss Holland.

  2. Hi Learning Hub 3! MY name is Mrs Field and I taught with Miss Holland at Somerville Intermediate. I love your blog - and Sid as well!!! I personally LOVE pets - I have two cats, a dog, 6 peach-faced love birds and eight lovebird eggs. I'm looking forward to folowing your blog.

  3. That's awesome, Sid is very cute and looks so at home on your shoulder!

  4. Welcome Sid! Did Sid get a welcome to Stonefields School Certificate :D
    Thank You Miss Holland for organising the class pet!

  5. I think Sid's going to be a very special and well-loved member of Hub 3! I was so proud of you all today, it was great to see how careful you were with Sid and how much interest you showed. We have lots to learn about how to look after him and I can't wait for us to share our learning with other people, to help them decide if a bearded dragon might be the right choice for them too... what an opportunity to apply and share our understanding! I think that's a great idea, Mrs Berge - definitely something we need to ask Miss Martin for! Great to see you here, Mrs Field - when are your lovebirds due to hatch? You must be so excited!

  6. Wow that was a great story about Sid and what he likes and what you did with him. I think Sid might just become and awesome member of hub 3. To be honest I think hes already great. You know I might just bring in some food one day.

  7. Amazing.
    Sid just climped up to the cage.He is stunning.
    I saw him or she at choir.

  8. What a great story about Sid! I love the pictures! I have bearded dragons, too. They are wonderful animals, and they make great pets. It sounds like you're taking excellent care of him.

  9. Wow Cortney
    Sounds like you had lots of fun with Sid and I think that you were really lucky to be chosen to have some fun with Sid and I did think that we learned lots about Sid and I don't know lots about Sid and I want to ask a question and it is that does the color of Sid change when it is warm?
    From Roquia at Stonefields school

  10. Hi Courtney and sid
    That was an amazing movie of you and sid.Were you scared when you saw sid in your hub.

    Anthia Stonefields school.

  11. Hi Courtney and sid
    That was a great movie of you and sid Courtney.Were you scared when you saw sid when you got in the hub.

    Anthia Stonefields school


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