Monday, 26 September 2011

Our amazing assembly

Hi.On Friday 23 of September Hub 3 had a assembly the first person to talk was Finn he was talking about being self aware. To be self aware you must know your strengths, weaknesses and your new ideas. Then the 7 thinking self people came on and explained each of the 4 thinking self colours. They are Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Then we had all sung a song called Haere Mai. We all sung great!!

One group that was making a difference in society was the S.P.C.A group which included Dani, Maddy, Alex and Craig. Following after that was Courtney and Hana sharing with us about their breakthrough which was making a cookbook. Continuing after was Damien H talking about the amazing initiative home learning k-nex project. Last we had a short video of the most of the school going to the airport to welcome our adopted team Samoa.

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