Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sid loves beans!!

I found out this evening that Sid loves green beans!  They must be like lollies to him!!  When I put carrot infront of him he wasn't at all interested and apple did okay, but all the beans went down a treat.

I'd be interested to know why he went mostly for the beans... can bearded dragons see colour (maybe green's his favourite?) or do they have a keen sense of smell?  Let's find out!  Please share your findings.


  1. Wow LH3 your doing quite well on making sure that Sid keeps safe. Your pet looks quite shy too. Did you have to try out lots of types of food to find out Sids favorite food and drink.

  2. Lucia can't wait to meet Sid! Yesterday she held all sorts of animals at a farm, rats included, so I think she is ready!! See you Monday morning hub 3. Mrs Calvert


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