Thursday, 15 September 2011

Over 9,000 hits to our blog!

Well done everyone, we're fast approaching 10,000 hits to our blog which is pretty impressive (or at least I think so!)  You've all put a lot of effort and thought into this blog and it's your wide variety of posts that have made it what it is so far.  I've seen one of our buddy blogs will be celebrating hitting 20,000 page views in a year by throwing a party - that could be a great goal for us too!

What could you do to help get us closer to that target?  It won't be easy but we can do it!!


  1. great thinking miss Holland!
    It would be awesome to throw a party at the end of the year! I was thinking maybe we could throw a pizza party!

  2. Wow.
    That is amzing.
    But we recently visit your blog because you have a lot of fun stuff.You have a lot of learning.


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