Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Getting feedback on my information report on Make a Wish (by Alex)

On the 13th of September I did my conclusion for my info report and we learnt that I should go and repeat the important thing that I have said in my info report and not say anything new because that's what happens in conclusions.

The feedback has been really good because when it's somebody your own age they understand your writing and what you mean, sometimes even better than our teachers.  I have enjoyed getting feedback from the other learners in my writing group.

Today we tried recording my conclusion while Miss H and I talked about it.  I liked getting feedback like that because it's good when other people notice something that you don't and talking about it let me think about it and concentrate on reading it.  I think it was good to record that conversation because it tells other people what I've been learning and also because I can listen to it again and sometimes it's hard to remember what we said.

Here is our discussion:

... and here is one between Miss Holland and Dasha.  Remember this is our first time trying this.  Do you think this would be helpful in your learning?  Or do you prefer to have written feedback?

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