Monday, 12 September 2011

Presenting to the Orakei Board

On the 7th of September 2011, my principal, Miss Martin said that I could go to the Orakei board and talk about why we need shade, because we needed a bit more money to get the shade of our choice. So I spent my Wednesday morning practicing what I was going to say and getting the presentation ready. I was feeling a mixture of feelings, excitement, nervousness, pressure, and honored because out of everyone, my principal picked me to speak to the Orakei board.

By 5.45pm I was ready, In clean uniform looking sharp and ready to present. One of the Board of trustees came to pick me up and take me to the meeting. When I got there, I saw the Orakei board sitting at the front, and all the other presenters in the other seats. We had to wait before it was our turn but that was fine because I listened to all the other presenters and they all had ideas and plans of their own, whether it was building a new sport arena or maybe they needed some funding for their community.

Then finally, it was our turn...

We had to speak and in front of them and show them our presentation, they listened carefully, took some notes and after we finished they asked us some questions.

In the end I think we did good and it was a great opportunity I that will never forget, I feel very comfortable now speaking publicly. Over all, I think speaking publicly is great because you have more confidence in yourself, which is really important because you can't expect to go past high school and university without speaking publicly. And speaking with confidence is even better and easier.

By Fatima

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