Saturday, 1 October 2011

The dance craze is spreading in LH3!

It started with Damien, who taught it to Finn... what next, I wonder?


  1. Finn and Damien
    I would think the answer to Miss H question about what to do next would be obvious. You need to see who else you can get to do the dance, obvioulsy it would be great to get other students but what about asking:
    1) teachers
    2) others students not at your school (around the world or in other parts of New Zealand)
    3) Your caretaker or groundsman or other people who help at your school (maybe like the canteen/tuckshop people
    4) You could maybe even do a flash mob thing when you suddenly start dancing for no apparent reason (like at assembly or something like that of course you wouldn't want to get in trouble with the school so think carefully about that.)
    It made me smile because its fun, its short and its entertaining. I think that I have the perfect candidate at our school to start with number two so I will talk to him this afternoon and I will see if he will let me film him.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Wow LH3,

    while I was watching it I felt AMAZED seeing Damian and Finn doing a dance with there feet. It looks like while some people were watching Damian and Finn they went to go support them for keep on doing that dance so more people can enjoy it. That was my favorite clip right now that I have seen on LH3's blog. That clip that I have been watching right now was SPECTACULAR!

    From Noeramiah from Stonefields School.

  3. Damian and Finn
    I showed your video yesterday to one of our students who loved it and proceeded to do his version of your dance in my office at School in Hamilton, he didn't really get as active with the legs, but thats alright, so your video of your dance has now spread as far as Hamilton.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.
    You can view the video on our class page at

  4. Thanks for the comments we are gonna teach as many people as we can and hopefully make a video with loads of people shufolin

  5. Hey Damien and Finn,

    Great dancing just by your feet. I really enjoyed how you did the back round when LH3 all joined in. Next time you could say why you where dancing if you did it for no reson.

  6. Hi Finn and Damien H! It's good that you guys learn from each other! And you guys definitely worked together. I just love to dance and sing! Thanks for showing everyone this video.

  7. hey i might post a an entry on how to do the dance (spongbob)by wednesday and yes you did not read wrong the dance is actuly really called spongbob

  8. P.S It stared with finn and he taught me

  9. Kia Ora,

    We looked at Finn and Damien dancing.

    We have been practicing our Jump style and even have a video on our blog in how to master all the different moves.

    We thought your dancing was unique and AWESOME at the same time, as you have invented a new dance step.

    Room 2 & Mr Thurlow

  10. Hi Damien and Finn,
    That was a fantastic dance that use did and it was crazy as well.How did use learn how to do all of those moves.

    By Anthia stoneields school

  11. its from lmfao party rock anthem


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