Monday, 31 October 2011

going trick or treating

On Monday 31 October Rudy, Paton and Dasha went trick or treating.  Ruby was some dead woman, Paton was some


  1. Great Costumes People!

  2. Those are lovely costumes. I was a witch one year as well. This year I was Katniss from the Hungar Games series.

    -Brianna (bjoyce)

  3. Anna- What costume is the girl on the far left wearing?

  4. Hi LH3,

    that looks like cool costumes that you have worn on Halloween. On Halloween I was a witch like you Paton. After I went trick or treating I went home and in my bag I got lots of lollies because me and my family went to lots of houses. While I was doing trick or treating I saw just 2 house that look much like they were celebrating Halloween.

    From Noeramiah at stonefields school.

  5. Hi! Ruby Paton and Dasha! You guys look like real witches. I love trickle treating but sad that this year I didn't get to go treating because of my karate class. I just loved the pictures especially as the witch with the mask on thank you for sharing it.

  6. Those are some really cool costumes. I was a piece of bacon. Did you get a lot of candy? I got 3 and a half baskets full.

    McKenzie B.


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