Thursday, 27 October 2011

Check out our Library Contest!

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Hi everyone,

At the Stonefields Library some dedicated librarians have organised a bookmark design competition! Everyone at school is invited to participate, from all age groups. We have a variety of books as prizes and they're awesome!

Here are the rules.
  • Bookmarks are to be in the standard size (check the papers around the school)
  • Bookmarks are only to be hand drawn. Please do not work on the computer.
  • Please do not submit a fully made bookmark, just the design.
  • Please hand them in the by 5th of November to the entry box in the Library.
  • Results are determined by age and quality.
  • Please put your Hub, name and age on the back of your entry.
  • Please include something to do with the Library.
If you need any help our would like to know more, come and visit us.

From Finn, Jamie and Dani.

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