Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Craig's Sailing

Hi I am Craig and I really love sailing.

Throughout the school holidays I have been sailing at the North Islands in Napier.  I got second in the 11 year old section out of about ten 11 year old's and came 42nd out of 109 people in total!

At the end of the regatta I had realised I had beaten my good friend named Henry who had beaten me ever since I first started Racing. I am also going to Noumea to train in now one month.



  1. Awesome Craig,sailing is a lot of fun isn't it I got surprised when you came 42 place out of 109! Have you been to any other sailing competition?

  2. Good job Craig,

    You've had a great breakthrough in your sailing even when you where tied on the last day. It must of been really hard trying to beat Henry. Next time you could maybe write how you felt in the end of all the sailing.

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhh exciting

  4. Well done, Craig - we're all very proud of you for your sailing accomplishments and the huge degree of determination you show!! I can't wait for you to go to Noumea and to hear all about your adventure :)

  5. What an exciting way to spend your school holiday! I'm sure many of the students at St. John Vianney have been in a boat of some type, but I don't think any of them race one like you. We live near a river called the Rock River, so some of them go boating on the river. The Mississippi River borders the West side of Wisconsin, and Lake Michigan (one of the 5 Great Lakes) is to the East. Good luck training for your next race!


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