Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Have I met the SC?

  • Introduction
  • Punctuation and spelling
  • Adjectives
  • Characteristics
  • Evaluation

Description about Silas

I’m writing a description about my friend silas he came to stonefields

Silas has brown eyes he has short thick black hair.
he has brown skin. he’s build as a rugby player. He has dry lips and brown skin.

Silas was born in Auckland, New Zealand but he’s Maori and Samoan. His dad Lawrence is Maori  his mum Anna is Samoan  so that means Silas is Samoan and Maori.He has 2 sisters and a stepsister Silas as a sister that is one year older she is in the same class as Silas.His cousin's name is Hillary and shes a girl she is the same year as Hope.Silas has a big family they have a grey car and they live in saint johns so Silas comes from his house to our school come to our School.

Silas loves sports, especially rugby. He is the 2nd best  runner in this school so this helps him when he is playing rugby to play hard and score tries. His favourite food is  his Mum's lasagna, Silas likes shooting arrows with a bin bow. Silas has black  shoes
he really doesn't like running in his shoes and he doesn’t like Soccer balls. He is a fitness organiser for our class but he doesn't do it everyday because other intermediate kids are a fitness organiser aswell , When Silas grows up he wants to join the All Blacks and participate in the rugby. He has lots of friends sometimes they play touch all together they are all really good.Silas use determination when he plays arm wrestling I was shocked when Silas vs two year 8 girls at a time he uses other qualities as well.

This is a description all about Silas.
He is a good student.


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