Wednesday, 20 March 2013

18.3.13 Descriptions

  • SC

  • Punctuation + spelling
  • Introduction
  • Adjectives
  • Characteristics
Shakeel is 9 years old. He is a year 5 and he goes to Stonefields School.

Shakeel has short, black hair he has a haircut like Sonny bill williams. Shakeel has brown eyes. He is small but strong. He looks really determined. When there are arm wrestling competitions, Shakeel sometimes wins against bigger kids. Shakeel has brown skin. Shakeel has a playstation 3 and his favourite game to play on it is black ops 1. Shakeel likes to read chapter books his favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy kid.

Shakeel is from the Cook Islands but was born in New Zealand.  His last name is Ali and Ali means when someone get married to its future wife he will have to change his last name to her last name. The college that Shakeel is going to Lynnfield college in Mount Roskill. He is going to Lynnfield college because his step Dad lives in Mount Roskill. Shakeel’s parents name is Ani, Joseph and his stepdad Aneez. The other reason that Shakeel is going to lynnfield college that is brother ramise goes there .

His favourite food is lasagna. Shakeel like sport but his favorite sport to play is rugby. Shakeel loves maths and reading. He has a chromebook. His favourite  movie is Diary of a Wimpy kid 3 his favourite character is Greg and Rowley . when he gets some things to do he gets it done. The reading group he's in is Hawera.The last character book he was reading was called  the introduc.The book he is reading now is called  Robert the rat and he is enjoying the book and now he is up to character 3.

His favourite Cartoon Network program is Regular show his favorite character is Mordecai. Shakeel has a Sky HDI, his favourite channel on Sky is Cartoon Network and his other favorite channel is Boxs. He also likes to watch rugby on sky his favourite team is the All Black. When he becomes an adult he wants to be a millionaire. His other favourite channel is Tv2 and his favorite program on t.v 2 is what now his other favorite program on tv 2 is Shortland Street.

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