Thursday, 28 March 2013


  • Introduction
  • Punctuation & Spelling
  • Characteristic + 5 bundles of facts
  • Adjectives


Lucas is 9 and 3 quarters years old, his last name is Phan and he likes to play with Shakeel and Alvin. He also likes to eat instant noodles for breakfast, takeaways for lunch and butter chicken for for dinner. Lucas plays UNO after dinner and watched a movie before bedtime. His favourite hobby is having birthday parties with his friends.

About Him
Lucas has black, soft hair and he has brownish skin with a watch on his wrist. He wears white socks and black shoes. Lucas is shorter than me but that’s because he is younger than me. Lucas is a funny person. He tells me funny jokes and he laughs a lot. Once he said why is the elevator not going? And I said that is because someone cut the rope. But it was wrong and the answer is that nobody was in the elevator.

Lucas’s dads name is Denis and Mums name is Amy. His dad works at Dads pies from  4-5 am until 5 pm. His mum works at the Meadowbank Dental Centre from 9am until 3pm. Lucas has a little sister and he loves his sister. He likes his sister when she is nice to him.
Lucas sometimes go to Lucas Q and Eric’s house to play and sometimes they come to his house. Lucas is a good friend and likes to see his friends lots. He likes to watch movies, catch dragonflies, draw pictures and play computer games. In the weekends he likes to go to the pool. Sometimes he likes to go to the shops with his whole family.

Lucas is the funniest friend that I ever met.

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