Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Descriptive Writing : Michaela Ceniza
* Adjectives
* Punctuation + Spelling
* Introduction
* Characteristics - senses -5 sentences
* Evaluation

On October 13, 2000, a baby girl was born and her name was Michaela.  Michaela is now a 12 year old girl who lives in Mt. Wellington. She goes to Stonefields Primary School and she is a year 8 student. She comes from the Philippines.

Michaela has short  black hair like me. She wears glasses. She ties her hair in a tidy ponytail everyday. She wears a ‘z’ silver earrings that stands for Zayn Malik from one Direction. She has thin hair and tanned skin. Michaela is tall and smart. She lives in an ordinary house. She has big round eyes, and also has very long lashes, longer than mine.

Michaela is very funny and she is the kind of person you want to go to when you need help. She is an energetic girl and she loves to play netball. Michaela is also an upbeat person. She loves it when you make funny jokes. Michaela loves the colour Purple and Baby blue. She likes to wear ordinary shorts and t-shirts. She has short sided bangs.  Michaela like to stay organised and she also likes to be tidy. Michaela said that one day she would like to be a chef/cook. She also said that she made a bucket list on last night, which sounds pretty awesome. She also loves taking care of little kids.

Michaela was born on October 13, 2000, she is made here in New Zealand, if you know what I mean she’s a test tube baby. She Is the only child in the family and wants to have a baby brother. Her father’s name is Francisco Ceniza Jr. and her mom’s name is Isabelita Ceniza, her stepfather’s name is Jaime Dizon. Eventually, Michaela said that she has round about ‘100’ cousins and its growing.. She is a catholic and she goes to the church of St. Mary with her family.

Likes and Dislikes
Michaela likes to hang out with her friends in the weekends. During morning tea time and lunchtime she always plays netball with her friends. She likes to play volleyball, tennis, and soccer. At home in her free time she spends her time watching tv, reading books, tidying her room and surfing the internet. Her favorite food is pasta, and pizzas. Eventually, she said that she likes all kinds of food. She is a lunch buddy monitor every Wednesday. Michaela likes to do ice skating. She also likes to hang out with her friends and family in Sylvia Park. Michaela loves singing to the songs of One Direction and Fifth Harmony, her favourite bands. She is a systematic and a sociable person. Michaela loves to travel around the world. Because of this, she would like to learn new languages that she can use when she gets to meet new people that doesn’t speak English or Tagalog (Philippine language). She also said that she wants to cruise around Europe one day.

Overall, Michaela is a sweet loving person. She loves to experience lots of adventure. Michaela loves to have fun and she is the type of person that you would want to talk to if you are down or lonely.

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